Configuring your Postage options

Shop > Shop Settings > Fulfilment > Postage Options > Actions > Add

Title: The name of the postage option that will be displayed online eg. Standard Post

Detail: Allows an organisation to detail any information about this postage option eg. Not available option for international orders

Price: The price of postage

Country Option: Allows an organisation to set delivery options to be viewable only by domestic or International customers. It is based on where the delivery is being made and the country set as the address of the organisation within the Administration menu

Australia Post Service Code: If you use Australia Post you can select from the options the type of postage you provide. If you do not know or do not use Australia Post you can leave this space blank.

Trigger Point: Only applicable for organisations using the Trigger point option. This sets the factor to be divided by when calculating postage

SKU Code: Insert the SKU code that your provide to your warehouse for the particular postage option, ie. Express, Standard etc. If you do not use a warehouse for Shipping you can leave this space blank.

Order By: This is the number in which you order against other postage options. For example a postage option with an order of 5 would appear after a postage option with an order of 4 but ahead of a postage option with an order of 6. STG suggests using denominations of 5 (eg. 0, 5, 10, 15) so that if in future you need to insert a product within a list it is far more straight forward.

Save > Set the Postage Option to Online by going back to the Listing and Selecting Actions > Update Status 

A popular shipping pricing is where the Trigger Point is set to 4 which allows the below to occur;

1 to 3 Items: $12.50
4 to 6 Items: $25.00
7 to 9 items: $37.50
10+ items: $49.50

Please note if you use the above to insert the value "1" when you set up products under the Postage Tab > Postage Factor. More info on this found here