Creating a Category and Subcategory

Shop > Inventory Management > Categories > Add Category

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Inventory Management from the left menu

3. Select Categories from the expanded left menu

4. Then click on Add Category from the menu bar, and complete the following details:

  • Attached to: Creating Main Category: leave as Not Attached. If creating sub categories, select the relevant parent category.
  • Title: Refers to the internal title of the category
  • Menu Title: Refers to the title of the category that will be displayed on the front end
  • URL Identity: The red text that appears in the URL (
  • Order by: Refers to the order in which the menu is displayed
  • Public Display: Whether or not the category is available to both public and members or just members
  • Image: Main category banner image. Measurements suggested: 960 x 100px

5. Click Save

6. To change the display status to online (only available after the category is saved), select Actions, then Edit from the drop down

7. Use the check box next to Display Status to select whether the category displays

7. Click Save.

Note: that this can be to a category or subcategory, you are able to create infinite levels of subcategories.