Creating a Subscription Category

Quick Steps: Membership > Subscriptions > Subscription Categories > Actions > Add

Subscription Categories provide you with the ability to group subscription types to display under a category heading.  This makes it easier for your members to select a relevant subscription type based on a specific category eg. Junior, Senior, Social etc.

1. In One Sport Technology, select Membership from the top menu.

2. Select Subscriptions on the left menu, then Subscription Categories

3.In the top right corner, select Actions then Add from the drop down

4.Fill in all of the relevant fields related to the Subscription Category

  • Title: The title of the Subscription Category. This is what will display on your Membership portal.
  • Detail: Any relevant information relating to the Subscription Category. This will display as text underneath the Title for your members to see.
  • Menu Item: If this component is ticked, then the subscription category will also display as a menu item on your Membership Portal, so that members can click on this item and be navigated directly to the group of subscriptions within the category.
  • Menu Title: This will display as the menu item text, if the above ‘menu item’ field is ticked.
  • Order By: You are able to determine the order in which subscription categories display. 0 being at the top of the list, through to the highest number being at the bottom of the list on the screen. For example, if you have two subscription categories set up, the categories with the lowest ‘order by’ number will show first.
5. Once all fields are completed, click Save