Creating Customised Emails

Quick Steps: Shop > Shop Settings > Design > Customised Emails 

Customised emails allow you to customize the following default notifications that are sent out from the system:

  • Customer receipt: Received when an order is placed
  • Delivery note: Sent once an order is marked at ‘shipped’
  • Refund receipt: Sent once an order has been refunded.

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Shop Settings from the left menu

3. Select Options from the expanded left menu

4. Then click on Design from the expanded left menu, followed by Customised Emails. Here you can customise the design, however the below merge fields are mandatory:

Customer Receipt

  • CARTDISPLAY – automatically provides the reference, title, size, qty, price, GST and amount into a table format
  • SUBTOTALAMOUNT – is the subtotal of the order
  • TAXAMOUNT – any tax associated on the order
  • POSTAGEAMOUNT – the post cost
  • TOTALAMOUNT – the total amount of the order
  • ORDERREFERENCE – the customer’s order reference number
  • RECEIPTNUMBER – the customer’s receipt number
  • GIFTVOUCHERAMOUNT – the gift voucher amount redeemed

Delivery Note

  • FIRSTNAME – will enter in the customer’s first name
  • TRACKINGCODE – will enter in the customer’s tracking code that was inputted when the order was marked as shipped

Refund Receipt

  • FIRSTNAME – is the customer’s first name
  • REFUNDCOMMENTS – is any comments that were added into the ‘External Comments’ field when the order was refunded
  • REFUNDDATE – is the date the order was refunded
  • ORDERID – is the customer’s order reference number
  • REFUNDAMOUNT – is the amount that has been refunded for the order
  • REFUNDPNREF – is the customer’s receipt number
  • REFUNDAUTHCODE – is the refund authentication code

5. Once these mandatory areas are entered, click Save.

Note: If the customised emails are not completed, the system will send out the SportsTG automated emails