Creating Customised User Permissions

To allow an administrator limited or restricted access to your OST console you will need to create a Custom Security Role

Quick Steps: Administration > Security > Custom Roles > Actions > Add

1. In your OST console select the Administration tab from the top menu

2. On the left hand side select Security and Custom Roles from the expanded menu

3. To add a security role select Actions > Add

4. Give the Security Role a Name

5. In the Role Permissions area you can choose the permissions that you would like associated to this role by moving them from the left column to the right. 

6. When all permissions have been assigned select Save

7. You can Edit, Delete or Copy this role at any time by selecting View and choosing the relevant option

8. Once the role has been created you can then add Users to this role by assigning the role to a member. The instructions on how to do this can be found in the article Assign Administrator Access to a Member