Creating shop member type and subscription 

A shop member subscription type needs to be generated and applied to the shop member to make them active and update their financial status: 

Create shop member type:

Members > Member Types > Actions > Add

Only the name field needs to be completed as Shop member, all other fields and tabs can be saved as is:

Creating a shop subscription type:

Members > Subscription Types > Actions > Add

Complete the General tab as follows: 

Name: Shop name membership

Description: Membership to the shop name online store etc etc

Effective date: Registered period

Subscription Duration: Suggest to select specific end date. Once it is this end date, the member will no longer be able to log into the shop

Complete options tab as follows: 

Show on Memberdesq: No

Display order: Leave blank

Default Member Types: Move shop member to the right hand side via the arrow

Approval process: No

Age validation: No

Complete Financial tab as follows: 

Financial Status: Yes (very important to ensure this is yes)

Online payment mandatory: No

Total amount; $0.00 (Must be $0.00 so the member is not charged, or you can charge the member a fee)

Absorb Administration Charge: No

Split Allocation: No

Complete Receipt tab as follows: 

Advise that their user log in details are their email address and password that they entered to create their shop membership and of any other details you would like to include

Please refer to next steps: Activating a Shop Member