Creating/Managing Club Dashboard Logins

Administrators have the ability to nominate users or create login's for the Club Dashboard. Only administrators with access to the database can create and manage Sports users.

The permissions granted through the Club Dashboard are for Sports only. Nominated users and logins created through the Club Dashboard do not grant database access unless the user has existing permissions.

  1. Log into the Club Dashboard
  2. Select Users and Add User

  1.   Select a User Type
  •     Existing User: for individuals who already exist in the Club database
  •                          Nominated users can use their existing email and password to login
  •     New User: for individuals who do not exist in the Club database
  •                          Administrators will create a username and password for new users
  1. Select Access Type
  •     Club: Club access will give the user full access to the Club Dashboard
  •     Team: Select which team/teams the user has permissions to enter results and statistics for

  1. Click Save