Discounts and Generic / Unique Codes

Quick Steps: Shop > Promotions > Discounts > Actions > Add

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Promotions from the left menu

3. Select Discounts from the expanded left menu

4. Then click on Actions from the menu bar

5. Select Add from the drop down, then complete the relevant fields.

  • Title: For the discount
  • Start Date: Set the date you wish the promotion to start at
  • Start Time: Set the time you wish the promotion to start at
  • End Date: Set the date you wish the promotion to end at
  • End Time: Set the date you wish the promotion to end at
  • Display on Home Page: If you wish the discount to be displayed on the front end please check this box, if you do not wish to display the discount please uncheck the box. The discount will then appear next to the New Arrivals and Best Sellers
  • Generic Code or Unique Code: Please only check one box.
    • If no code is required please do not check Generic or Unique.
    • If generic is selected you will be prompted to add in a generic code
    • If unique is selected you will be able to generate codes once the discount has been saved, please refer to steps 14 -16
  • Discount Type: Please select whether it will be a Value in dollars discount, Value in percentage off discount, Postage in dollars discount, Postage in percentage discount or Free Postage­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
  • Discount for Public: Determine what discount the general public (Discount for Public) receive
  • Discount for Members: Members (Discount for Members) by assigning a value. (If your members receive automatic discount by logging in, consider this in creating the promotion. For further examples of this follow the guide Including Discounts for Both Public and Members)
  • Discount On: Set if discount is going to be on all orders or specific products
  • Minimum Order Value: This refers to the amount that must be spent to be entitled to the discount

Discount on Specific Products: You will be able to select the products once the discount has been saved:

Unique Codes Only:

1. Once the Discount has been saved, select Actions, then Manage Codes from the drop down menu

2. Select the relevant method to create the unique codes

  • Generate: Enter in the number of codes to be generated
  • Upload: Upload excel file of unique codes to use
  • Search: Search if a unique code has been used
  • Export: Export Unique Codes (Excel) once generated.

Activating Unique and Generic Codes:

1. Once the Discount Code has been saved, click on the X icon to activate the code.

2. The promotion will now be activated, however will only apply once the Start Date and Time has been reached. The discount will then automatically deactivate once the End Date and Time has been reached.