Email Templates

Email Templates can be used to have already established emails sent to your members quickly. This allows you to have a base email ready and then simply make edits where necessary before sending out to your members

1. Select Utilities from the top Menu

2. Select Email Template from the left hand menu

3. To create a new Email template select Actions > Add

4. Give your template a Title, this will not be seen by anyone who receives the template, and also a Subject which will be seen by the recipient if the email is sent outside of an email campaign. A Sender Email Address can also be added so that people can reply to a specific location

5. Add content to your HTML Body. This is the content of your email and can include images, tables and links. If you wish to copy text from a word document use the Paste as Plain Text function which will ensure there is no incorrect formatting from the paste. 

6. You can also add the content to the Plain Text Body tab which is the same email but will allow for inboxes that do not allow HTML to be viewed to receive the message you have sent. 

7. Select Save when the template is complete

Email Templates can be Viewed, Edited and Deleted from the Email Template Listing. You can also test your Email Templates through the console. To do any of the above select Actions next to the relevant email template and choose the appropriate action

Please Note: There is no character limit in the content of the Email itself