Entrant Upload

Quick Steps : Events > Click on the Event > Entrants > Action > Entrant Upload

  1.  Download the Import Template by selecting Click Here from the Data Import Page found through Entrants > Actions > Entrant Upload
  2. You will then need to fill in the form without deleting any of the columns that already exist
  3. If you have event questions that your entrants have completed you can enter these in the Office Use section ensuring you have renamed these questions in the Office Use section of the Console (Event Options > Basic Information > Office Use)
  4. Enter the Entry Type ID which can be found in each Entry Type 
  5. Enter the Type ID Option which is whether this is a Standard, Early Bird or Late Entry. The following numbers should be entered for each option
    • 1 = Standard Entry
    • 2 = Early Bird
    • 3 = Late Entry
  6. Save the file as a CSV file. If a warning displays about the destination file type not supporting multiple sheets, just click OK
  7. Upload the template
  8. Your entrants will now display in the Imported Entrants listing and you can then just promote these entrants into your accepted list to ensure that they display in any exports