Gift Vouchers - How it works

Organisations have the functionality to turn on Gift Voucher functionality, the functionality will allow a customer to purchase a gift voucher online and then redeem it in store or online. The functionality also allows for organisations to manually create gift vouchers through the system

How it will work for the customer

A customer selects Gift Vouchers from the menu and fills out five fields.

  • Who are you sending this to? – Recipients names
  • What is their email address? – This will be the email address the voucher is sent to
  • Would like to send a short message? – This will send the recipient the message as a part of the gift voucher
  • What amount would you like to purchase? – This will be the voucher amount
  • What is your email address? – This will be the senders email address

The sender must also accept the “Terms and Conditions” of the Gift Voucher as setup by your organisation. The sender then clicks the “Add to Cart” button. If your organisation has uploaded an Email Image into the Gift Voucher area, the image will be displayed on the Cart page.

The customer then completes a check out as they normally would in any other transaction (the customer can also purchase other items in the transaction as well). Upon successful payment the customers’ recipient receives an email with a serial number and a password. The recipient customer can then go through and do a normal purchase process for buying an item online, however on the final payment screen they will see an area to enter the serial number and password

The customer also has the ability to use this voucher in store as explained in the console information below