How do I report an issue?

We are streamlining our technical issue process in order to ensure all technical issues are being resolved efficiently.

We need to ensure that we can replicate the issue, which will confirm that it is a system issue. The following information will be required to be provided when raising technical issues:

  • Provide browser type (ie. Firefox, Chrome).
  • Provide browser version (To work out Firefox follow these instructions here or Chrome here)
  • What device you are using (tablet, desktop, mobile)
  • Detail the exact steps taken for the issue to occur (which product, categories, buttons you have selected)
  • Provide any relevant screenshot

This information will help move the issue along and ensure that the query you are raising is a system error.

Send this information to to track the progress of issue you have raised..

One of our support staff will then be able to replicate the steps you have taken and provide a follow up.