How to Set up Pack Products

Pack Products will look like this for your customer on the front end. 

There are 2 steps in creating a Pack Product.

1) You will need to fill out a template of the Group Attributes you require

2) Create the product as usual and select the new Group Attribute once it has been confirmed your requested Group Attribute is created.

Step 1: What are the Attribute fields you require

To do this you will need to provide information to the Ecommerce team.

Please fill out this form at the bottom of this article titled Pack Product Template and send to

Group Name: What you would like to call the Attribute (for your own reference)

Attribute Name: What is the attribute eg. Colour

List of Attributes: What is a list of attributes you have available eg. if you have colour, blue, yellow, pink, green, etc

Note you can have as many Attributes as you would like. As long as they are provided to the Ecommerce team you can set this up.

Once you have received confirmation of the Attributes have been uploaded for your Organisation you can then proceed as you normally would to create the product.

Step 2: How to create the product

When you create your product as usual you will have the option of selecting 'Attribute Group'.

When you click the drop down your new Attribute Group you have requested will be sitting alphabetically in the list. 

Once selected and have filled out the correct information press save.

Now you have created the product with the Group Attribute selected you need to apply the attributes to the SKUs.

When you add in the attributes Select the product > Edit > SKUs tab

You will now see that there is additional columns for your selected Attributes.

Enter in your combinations to ensure your customer can select the product.

Note you will need add all the combinations you require so your customers can select on your shop.

If you have any additional queries please contact the Ecommerce team on

Pack Product Template.xlsx

Pack Product Example.xlsx