How to Set Up Your Table of Shipping Rates

Table of shipping rates is now a feature in your OST console.

To include this in your Shop you will need to Login > Shop > Shop Settings > Fulfillment > Postage Options > Actions > Add

You will then need to select Table of Rates

Type: Select if you would like to proceed with the Standard Shipping form or if you would like to proceed with Table of Rates

Title: The title is displayed on the product page shipping tab. So we suggest it should read as Australia & International shipping.

Detail: Option to include delivery times for your customer

Condition: The type of Shipping rate ie. if you select Items/Destination it will calculate the amount of items in the cart and provide an accurate Shipping Rate. Weight/Destination will determine the weight of the cart is and provide the accurate Shipping Rate.

Please note, if you are using Weight/Destination you need to ensure that you have correct weights attached to your products. To perform a bulk upload of this you can refer to this guide, Bulk SKU Update via Excel Spreadsheet

Import: Must be in a .csv file (See below for details on what to include).

Order By: Where you would like the Shipping option to sit for when your customer selects it in the Checkout.

Template of the file can be found below.

Example of the file can be found below.

When creating the csv to upload you will need to include the following information.

Label: What the customer will see on the Checkout page

Country: Which country you would like the Shipping to apply for. Please note: Use country 2 letter abbreviation. Example: Australia - AU, New Zealand - NZ, United Kingdom - GB. A full list can be found at the bottom of this Help guide.

Post Code From: The start of the post code range

Post Code To: The end of the post code range

Condition Value: If selecting Items/Destination enter in the max number of items for the customer to be able to have in their cart. If selecting Weight/Destination enter in the max weight the customer can have in their cart.

Please note that you need a base condition vale. The example below shows Small Parcel Post with receipted delivery at 0. The next condition applied is 0.5. For any new type of Label it needs to start off at 0 and then increase the Condition.

Amount: The charge of the Shipping you would like applied

Important to note: The * in the example is a blanket key that will apply to all.

If you require you can separate rates for different countries. 

Once you have set up your Table of Rates you will need to ensure you turn it online.

You can do this by selecting the Table of Rates you have just created and update the status by Actions > Display Status so it appears as a Tick in Listings

TableOfRates_Example (1).csv

TableOfRates (21).csv

Table of Rates_Country Codes.xlsx