How to Upload your Own Unique Promo Codes

Quick Steps: Shop > Promotions > Discounts > Select Promotion > Actions > Manage Codes > Upload > Import File

As a club you may like to upload your own unique promotion codes.

You can do this by creating Promotion, selecting Unique as the promotion code type. Refer the article Discounts and Generic / Unique codes

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Promotions from the left menu

3. Select Discounts from the expanded left menu

4. Select Actions next to the relevant promotion that has been set for Unique Codes, then select Manage Codes

5. Click on Upload, then select the relevant file from your computer.

The file:

  • Must be an Excel File.
  • Must contain only one column.
  • Column 1 - Code

Example of unique promotion codes to upload.xlsx

6. Click Import File