Step 4: Setting Entrant Options

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Select the Event > Event Options > Entrant Options

1. Within the OST Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the name of the event, or Actions > View next to the name of the event.

2. Select Event Options > Entrant Options from the expanded left menu

3. Click Actions > Add. This will allow you to add the relevant fields that the registrant must fill in when completing your Event form.

4. Drop down and select the type of field you would like the entrant to complete. Ensure that you also select the relevant display option for this particular registration field. Off means that it is only shown in the administration section, Show sets the option to display for the entrant to answer, Required makes this a mandatory field and Add Entrant Only means that it will only be asked the first time an entrant registers for the event. 

5. Click Save.

6.  Click listing to navigate back to your entrant options. Repeat this process until all desired entrant registration fields are listed. You are able to view, edit and delete these fields at any time by clicking on Actions against the relevant field name.