Personalise your items - what we require

To personalise your items we will require some image files.

Below outlines what we require along with an example of an image for your customers to preview their desired personalisation on the items.

Example of personalisation in action:

To do this we require;

  • Image files for numbers 0 - 99 in png format with an alpha background.
    - The number area is an image that is 290px wide x 210px high
    - The background must be alpha 0 (see-through)
    - The number or group of numbers must be centred
    - The file name is nbl-teamname-home/away-number.png.
      An example would be nbl-perthwildcats-home-0.png
  • Image that can display the name and numbers.
    - Below is an example of the file we need titled 'Personalised Image example'. Image specs need to be 1000px by 1000px.
  • The font file needs to be provided, or our standard font will be used
  • The font colour # code needs to be provided for the text
  • See attached images below as examples.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact the ecommerce team at