Pop Up Window Tab

There are 2 steps in creating a Pop Up Window. First you will need to upload the image to the console, second to create the Pop Up Window.

1. Upload the image to appear as a pop up:

Utilities > Documents > Listing > Actions > 

Image must be the following dimensions:
420px width x 265px height

Once uploaded, copy the image asset URL highlighted in yellow, from /assets onward:


2. Set Pop Up Window Tab:

Shop > Shop Settings > Design > Pop Up Window > Actions > Add

1. Enabled = Yes
2. Centre the window 
3. Select image icon to populate image window
4. Paste image asset URL: /assets/uploads/2006/documents/IMG-Pop-Up.jpg 
5. Select location of the pop up window to appear

The image will display every seven days per browser, unless the user clears their browsing history including cookies.