Refunding an Order

Quick Steps: Shop > Order Management > Orders > Copy the Order ID > Actions > Issue Refund

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. From left menu, click on Order Management

3. Select Orders from the expanded left hand menu

4. Copy the OrderID of the order you wish to refund.

5. Click Actions from the menu

6. Select Issue Refund from the drop down menu

7. Paste the OrderID in the pop up box, and click Next

8. Within the Refund Amount field, enter in the amount you wish to refund. Please note you cannot refund an amount greater than the orders total amount.

9. Complete any Internal Comments and External Comments. The external comments will be sent to the customer once the refund has been processed

Note: Each refund processed will be logged against the user who processed the refund. The refund will now be visible within the Refunds menu which is located under the Order Management menu