Refunding Merchandise Sold In Event Forms

The new Event system now integrates with Shop system to offer a more manageable avenue to cross-sell merchandise into your event forms.

Should an entrant withdraw from your event and also have a merchandise fee attached to them, it is extremely important you ensure you refund the event entry and merchandise order correctly.

Please ensure you following these steps so avoid any potential repercussions on your settlement reports. If you have any questions or wish to speak to us before completing the below actions, please reach out to us via with your enquiry. 

Step 1: Withdraw the entrant from the event by locating the entrant record and clicking on ACTIONS > WITHDRAWN as shown below.

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Withdrawn' entrants listing and locate the entrant who requires a refund. Once you have open the entrant record, click on PAYMENT INFORMATION > REFUND as shown below.

Step 3: Any refund completed in Event should be for event registration fees only. You should not refund any merchandise order fees through this process as the action needs to be completed through the inventory management source (ie Shop). 

After clicking REFUND please change the Refund Amount to the entry fee only. For example, I purchased an event entry and merchandise item which totalled $35. I only want to refund this person their entry fee which is $10 though, so I change the 'Refund Amount'. 


Step 4: Once the refund is processed, the entry fee will be credited back onto the entrant's credit card which they used to originally pay with. This will display on their withdrawn entrant record like this:

Step 5: Now you need to refund the entrant's merchandise order through Shop, therefore please copy their individual Order ID from their withdrawn entrant record as shown below. 

Step 6: Go into your Shop module and navigate to ORDER MANAGEMENT > ORDERS > ALL ORDERS. Paste in your Order ID into the search field and click the filter icon. This should return the merchandise order you now need to refund. 

Step 7: You need to change the 'Order Status' to CANCELLED by clicking on ORDER STATUS > CANCEL ORDER as shown below. 

Step 8: A note box will then appear where you can add cancellation notes for reference purposes and also select if you wish to return the stock sold into your inventory pool (which you normally want). Then click CANCEL ORDER.

Step 9: After cancelling the order please navigate to CANCELLED and begin refunding the amount required by clicking on ACTIONS > ISSUE REFUND as shown below. Ensure you still have the Order ID 

Step 10: A refund information box will then appear where you can alter the total amount you wish to refund the entrant depending on your refund policy. Simply click on COMPLETE REFUND to process the merchandise order refund and complete the process. 

The above steps will ensure you refund the event entry fee and the merchandise order fee correctly. Please DO NOT refund merchandise through Event at any time as it will impact your Shop settlement process.