Selecting Product Restrictions on Promotions

Quick Steps: Shop > Promotions > Discounts

In some promotions you may want to have only certain products available for the promotion you have selected. To do this you need to create the Promotion and within filling out the form select Discount On Specific Products.

1. Once you have completed creating your Promotion, select Save. (For more information on how to create a Discount Promotion, see Discounts and Generic / Unique codes

2. Select Action next to the promotion in question, then select Product Restrictions from the drop down menu.

3. Here you will find 2 columns where you will assign the products to the right if you would like Discount to be applied to those Products.

  • Left column: No Discount on Products
  • Right column: Discount is Applied

Tip: To select multiple products press Shift and press the down key. Once highlighted press the arrow to the right.

4. Once all of your desired products are in the Discount Applied table click Save