Setting User Fields

Quick Steps: Administration > User Fields

User Fields are the standard question fields set for registering members to complete. These are fields such as Date of Birth, Gender, Address etc.

1. Login to the OneSport console, and select Administration from the top menu

2. From the left hand menu, select User Fields

3. Select Actions, then Add from the right side of the screen

4. Select the Field Name

5. Complete the remaining options.

Label: this is what is actually displayed on the registration form

Location: this is where the User Field is show - All, Console, MemberDesq or EventDesq

Display Option

Off - Field does not show

Show - Field displays but is not required to be completed

Required - Field displays and must be completed

Add Member Only - Field will be displayed on original addition to database only

Syndicated: The state you select is used for all descendants of your organisation.

Locked: Locks the syndicated field so your descendants can not alter it.

6. Click Save