Order Status

Quick Steps: Shop > Order Management > Orders

Order details can be viewed at every stage of the order process from Outstanding through to Shipped so that you can confirm that you are fulfilling the order correctly.

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and click on Shop along the top menu

2. From the left menu, select Order Management, then Orders from the expanded left menu.

3. From here, administrators are able to view orders throughout the order cycle.

Order Status

All Orders: Shows the user a full list of orders no matter the status of the order.

Outstanding: Shows the user all outstanding orders. In most cases this will be the list of new orders.

Part Packed: Shows all orders that have been started to be processed through the order management process.

Ready for Dispatch: This view will display all orders that are ready to be sent out.

Ready to Collect: The item is now available for the customer to come and pick it up in-store.

Shipped: The order process has been completed and the order has been sent out.

Cancelled: This list will show any orders that have been cancelled.

*Please note an organisation will receive settlement for orders once they have been marked as Shipped.