Reconciling Gift Vouchers who have recently purchased

You are now able to identify the Gift Vouchers purchased in your account to cross check from settlements.

To do this you will first need to export the Gift Vouchers purchased under the settlements tab, find the Gift Voucher ID and paste it in the url of an existing viewed Gift Voucher.

Step 1 Export/View Gift Vouchers

Shop > Order Management > Settlements > Find Settlement Week > Actions > Export/View Gift Vouchers

It will then show you the Gift Vouchers that were purchased. The key to this is the Gift Voucher ID.

Step 2 Copy the Gift Voucher ID

The Voucher number is under the column Voucher #.

To do this highlight the Voucher # > Copy

Step 3 Paste Gift Voucher number

To find the existing Gift Voucher in Gift Voucher listings, paste in the Gift Voucher number of an existing Gift Voucher url.

Shop > Order Management > Gift Vouchers > Find any Gift Voucher in Gift Voucher listings > Actions > View

It will then take you to that Gift Voucher details page. In the url you will find a Gift Voucher. To find the one in settlements paste over the currently Gift Voucher number from the one you have found in the settlements.

a) Find url

b) Highlight current Gift Voucher number

c) Paste the Gift Voucher number from settlements

This will then take you to the Gift Voucher detail page.