Viewing Gift Vouchers

Quick Steps: Shop > Order Management > Gift Vouchers 

The Gift Vouchers Listing page gives administrators an overview of the Gift Vouchers that have been bought from your online Shop. Administrators are also able to view the Gift Voucher individually and identify the customers Serial and Password (what the customer needs to enter during the transaction).

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. From left menu, click on Order Management

3. Select Gift Vouchers from the expanded left hand menu

4. Click on Actions next to the relevant voucher to view

5. Select View from the drop down menu. See below the other functions that can be performed from this menu:

  • View: Provides for more detail for the individual voucher, including Voucher Type, Serial Password, Name, Issue Date, Expiry Date, Value, From Email Address and Recipient Email Address.
  • Edit: Lets you edit the information of the Gift Voucher, including Voucher Type, Name, include Phone number, Expiry Date, Expiry Time, From Email Address and Recipient Email Address.
  • Pay: Select Pay if the Voucher has been redeemed in-store
  • Send Duplicate: Resend the Gift Voucher information to the recipient
  • Update Status: Make the Status available or not. The default is made available signaled by a Tick.