Step 11: Testing Your Event and Setting it Live

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Click on Mode > Live

1. Within the OST Console, select Events from the top menu, then find the event you wish to test in your listing.

2. Refer to the status column, and click the word Offline next to the Event.  The status of your event will now change to Online, allowing you to test the form.

3. Now you can click on the Event form. At this stage, ensure that any Entry Types that you wish to test are set to be online and available at this time. To do this complete the following:

  • Select Entry Types from the expanded left menu and then Types
  • You will now see a list of the entry types you have set up previously. For all entry types that you wish to be displayed on the public view of the form, click on the black cross symbol within the Display Status column. This will now change the symbol to a Tick, indicating that the Entry Type is now online. 
  • You will also need to check that registrations are currently open for that particular Entry Type in order for you to test. Within the Entry Types tab, click on the relevant Entry Type and navigate to the Pricing Tab
  • Ensure that Start Date & Time is set for today's date or an earlier date, otherwise the entry type will not be available for registration on the public view of the form until the start date occurs in the future. 

Once the above has been checked and switched online (if applicable) you are now able to proceed with testing your form. 

4. Click Basic Information on the left menu. Click on the URL, this will now open up your Event form in a separate tab and show you the public view of the form.

5. Click Registration in the top menu and go through the process of registering for your event.

You can use the Test Credit Card Details to complete payment

Card Number: 5555 5555 5555 4444
Card Expiry Date: Any date after today
Card Name: Any Name
CCV: 123

6. Once you've completed the registration, you'll receive the confirmation emails that will be sent to Entrants to the email address entered on the entry. Use this to ensure that your Receipt and Attachments look as you expected.

7. Once you are happy with the form, your event is ready to go Live

8. Within the OST Console, select Events from the top menu. You will now be presented with the Event Listing.

9. Against the event you wish to make live, refer to the Mode column and click the word Test. This now updates the mode to Live. Please note: Once you change the mode to Live, you are unable to revert back to Test mode.

10. You can now distribute the Event URL to your website, social media, potential entrants etc.

Congratulations! Your event has now been setup and is ready to go Live to entrants

Additional Information: When testing the event, make sure you put through a test entry for each Entry Type. These Entries will then be cleared from the system once you set the Mode to Live.