Step 7: Adding Merchandise to the Form

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Click on Event > Event Options > Basic Information > Merchandise > Actions > Edit > Save

Please note, in order to include Merchandise on your Event form, products will need to be created in Shop:

Create Products

To add a product into Shop click here for instructions:

Adding A Product

Enable Products for Events
Once a product has been added, it must be enabled to appear in Events. This is done within each product. 

Click on the Shop module, and select Inventory Management from the expanded left menu.

Select Actions and then Edit on the right side of the relevant product you would like to display on your Event form.

Within the Details tab (first tab) scroll down to Application Display and tick the box against Events to ensure it displays on your Event form. 

Once your products have been added in Shop and set to display on Events, you are now ready to proceed with adding them into your Event form.

4. Within your OST Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the name of the event

5. Select Event Options > Basic Information from the left menu

6. Select the Merchandise tab

7. Click Actions > Edit

8. Assign the relevant products to the event by moving the items from the left list to the right using the arrows.

9. Once all of the desired products are sitting in the list on the right, click Save.

This will now set up an additional page on your Event form, allowing the entrant to select and add merchandise products to their cart before finalising their registration.