Step 9: Creating Additional Entry Form Questions

You can have questions that are specific to each sport that you have available. This allows you to target the relevant entrants with the questions they need to answer

Quick Steps: Go to Events > Select the Event > Events > Event Questions

1. Within the OST Console, select Events from the top menu, then click on the name of the event or Actions > View next to the name of the event

2. Select Events from the expanded left menu and then Event Questions

3. Click Add or Actions > Add to create a question

4. Enter the question you would like to ask in the Question box and then select the Type of question you would like this to be. You can also choose whether the question is Mandatory to answer 

5. Save the question

6. Then you need to attach the question to the event it relates to. Events > Events > choose the relevant event > Actions > View

7. Go to the Questions Tab and select Add Question

8. Then choose the questions that you would like to add to the event by selecting the box next to the question and selecting Add

9. Repeat this process until all events have the relevant questions attached to them 

Please Note: If you select Option Buttons as your question type you will need to enter the options in the Option List as per below

Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday etc.