Viewing and Exporting Settlement Reports

Quick Steps: Shop > Order Management > Settlements > Actions

Settlement Reports show those payments received during any given Settlement Period in a CSV (excel spreadsheet) report that is downloadable from the Management Console usually by the Wednesday after the end of the Settlement Period.

These reports give you a breakdown of all payments made to your organisation and the amounts that will be settled into your organisation's bank account that week.

Any payments made into your organisation from membership payments will display on your bank statement with SHOP and the date of the Settlement Period.

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Order Management from the left menu

3. Select Settlements from the expanded left menu

4. Click on Actions next to the relevant Settlement

5. From here administrators can:

  • View the Settlement
  • Export the Settlements
  • View Refunds associated to that Settlement
  • Export Refunds
  • View Gift Vouchers
  • Export Gift Vouchers

Note: that only orders marked as Complete or Cancelled will be settled.