Viewing Click and Collect orders

How to determine if the order is Click and Collect:

Shop > Order Management > Orders 

Viewing order listing:

The order listing now has a Postage/Location column. If Click and Collect is selected, the Click and Collect location title will appear. Otherwise the postage method title will appear:

When viewing an order:

Shop > Order Management > Orders > Actions > View

Instead of the delivery address appearing, Collect Location will appear, with the address of the Collection location:

Viewing Print Packaging slip: 

Shop > Order Management > Orders > Print Packaging slip

When a Click and Collect order, the title delivery address and delivery address will be replaced with the title Click and Collect with the location address:

Order Export:

Shop > Order Management > Actions > Export 

When an order export is completed, there has been a new column entered for Location, that will display the Click and Collect location title, or postage option. 

If it is a Click and Collect order, the delivery address will remain blank in the export for non member orders. However for member Click and Collect orders the delivery address will be displayed, in addition to click and collect location, as all of this information is pulled at once.