What to include in a Confirmation Tab

Quick Steps: Shop > Shop Settings > Design > Confirmation Message

The confirmation message appears after your customer has completed their transaction.

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Shop Settings from the left menu

3. Then click on Design from the expanded left menu

4. Followed by Confirmation Message

5. Click Actions from the menu bar

6. Then Edit from the drop down.

7. Insert your confirmation message in the text box. A suggested text you could include is:

Thank you for shopping at the Club Online Shop!

We will ensure your order is shipped to you as soon as possible

If you have any further enquiries, please contact the store on 0X XXXX XXXX or email us on shop@clubshop.com.au

Continue shopping click here [Insert link to Shop home page]

8. Click Save