Processing a Refund

Within Events, you can process a refund for any entrant who has been withdrawn and made their initial payment via Credit Card or PayPal. You can refund either the full amount or make a partial refund to the entrant but the system will not allow entrants in the Accepted listing to be refunded  


Refunding an Entrant

1.Within the Management Console select Events from the top menu, then Actions and View next to the required event

2. Select Entrants from the left hand menu. This will automatically bring you to a list of your accepted entrants

3. Select Withdrawn above the listing to view the Withdrawn Entrants

4. Click Actions / View next to the entrant that requires a refund 

5. Go to the Payment Information section for that entrant and select Refund

6. From here you are able to select the amount to refund. You can also add a reason for the refund by adding a Refund Comment 

7. If you need to reallocate any merchandise purchases made please select Yes from the drop down option

8. Once you are happy with the refund details select the Process Refund Button 

Once the refund is processed you will see the Refund Details in the payment information section. This includes who processed the refund and when