Reporting on Fixtures and Results

You are able to report on fixtures with or without results from within the OST console under the Competitions module. This can give you information on specific venues, round and/or individual competitions.

To create a Fixtures & Results report please follow the below steps.

  1. Select Competitions from the top menu. 
  2. Select Reports from the left hand side.
  3. Remain on the first tab opened called Fixtures & Results. 
  4. Here you can change the settings to customise the report to suit your needs. The fields you can change are:
  • Competition - You can report on one single competition or all competitions. Keep in mind that only active competitions are included in this list.
  • Round - You can specify to only report on a certain round or all rounds from within the competition selection. 
  • Venue - You can specify a venue to report on if a venue would like the details of all games that have been played there. 
  • Date From - Choose a starting date to report from. This needs to be accurate for the correct report to be generated. 
  • Date To- You can limit when the reporting will stop however this will default to the current date which will ensure that the latest results and fixtures are included. 
  • Filter - This allows you to include different information should you wish to. The filter available is Unsubmitted/Unconfirmed Results Only and this will show whether the results for certain games have had results entered by the home team or confirmed by the away team. 
  • Document Type - Allows you to choose the type of file that the report is exported in. 

When the report is exported using the filters you have applied, and will return a report like this: Updated OST Competition Report.xls

  • Result Entered - This field relates to the specific date & time when the Match Results were entered. 
  • Home Team Players - This field relates to how many Home Team Players were entered onto the Team Sheet. 
  • Home Team Submitted - This field relates to the specific date & time the Home Team submitted their Team Sheet. 
  • Away Team Players - This field relates to how many Away Team Players were entered onto the Team Sheet. 
  • Away Team Submitted - This field relates to the specific date & time the Away Team submitted their Team Sheet.
  • Should a team not submit their players on the Team Sheet, the system will insert a 0 into the Team Players column and leave the Team Submitted column empty.