Reporting on Officials

The last type of report available to administrators is the Officials Report. This report shows you the name of each official, the type of official that they are, the game details that they officiated and the match fees that they should receive for that game 

For more details on how to customise this report please see the below area 

  1. Go to Competitions in the top menu 
  2. Select Reports from the left hand menu 
  3. In the reports window select the Officials tab 
  4. From here you can customise the report that is created by the following variables
  • Competition - this allows you to choose one specific competition or all competitions that are currently listed as active and are not archived 
  • Date From - This lets you choose the first date on which your reporting period is based. If you wish to do this for an entire competition please select the first date of the competition or a date prior to this 
  • Date To - This lets you choose the last date this is reported on. This will default to the current date however it can be changed to suit your preferences 
  1. Once you have set the variables select Export and your report will be generated and will look similar to the below image