Sending an Email

Now that you have set up your Distribution List you can send an email to the designated recipients 


1. Select Events from the top menu and Email Management from the left hand side

2. Select Send Email from the expanded menu 

3. A new page will open where you can create your email. The fields in the email creation are all explained below 

Recipients: This field will fill with the recipient total when a distribution list is selected

Distribution List: Choose a distribution list from the drop down menu in order to email this group of people 

Email Template: You can choose an email template to use for the email itself or enter the content yourself. If you would like to check the content within the template select the Body tab and this will be the content sent. If you need to alter any of this content you are able to do this by utilising the tools bar above the content

Campaign Name: This is the name of the campaign as seen in the console itself. The name of the campaign will not be seen by the email recipient

Sender Name: This is the name that will show when the recipient opens the email. This can be the name of the event or the name of the event organiser

Sender Email Address: This can be generic or more specific to an individual but it will show to the recipient when the email is opened 

Email Subject: This is the subject line that the recipient can see and is often the name of the event. Ie Melbourne Triathlon Race Guide

4. If you are not using an email template you will need to enter content in the Body section. This can be done by selecting the Body tab within the Send Email screen.

5. Once happy with your email select Save 

6. To send the email itself press the Send button once all the details have been saved 

7. A pop up screen will appear asking you to confirm how many emails to send. This will be Unique Emails or All Emails. If you send to unique emails the email itself will only go to the email address once. This means that participants using the same email address will only receive the email once rather than multiple times. Sending to all emails will mean that all participants are emailed no matter what their email address 

8. Your email will now be sending