Copying HTML From Classic To One Sport Technology

Quick Steps: Log into Classic Console > Tools > Documents > Listing > Edit > HTML > Source > Copy > Log in to One Sport Technology > Utilities > Email Templates > Actions > Add > HTML Body > Source > Paste > Save

1. Log in to the classic console at, go to Tools and Email Templates

2. Click Edit next to the template and click on the HTML tab. Click the Source button in the menu bar and copy the text in the text editor

3. Log in to the One Sport Technology Console, select Utilities from the top menu, then Email Templates, Actions and Add

4. Click on the HTML Body tab and click the Source button, paste in the copied information in the text editor and click Source. The email will now display.

5. Fill in the form in the General tab, then click Save

  • Title: This is the title of the Email Template
  • Subject: This refers to subject of the email
  • Sender Email Address: This is the email address that the email recipient will receive the email from

Additional Information:

Please ensure that the text in the HTML tab is also copied into the Plain Text Body tab.