Toggle for Shipping Confirmation emails

Quick Steps: Shop > Shop Settings > Options > Shop Settings > Shop Options Tab 

This new toggle available in your console allows you to turn off shipping confirmation emails.

This feature is ideal for any client who uses Membership or Events that cross sell merchandise into other forms who chose not to send the 'shipping confirmation' email when the order has been completed.

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Shop Settings from the left menu

3. Select Options from the expanded left menu

4. Then click on Shop Settings from the expanded left menu

5. From the menu bar, select Actions, then Edit and click on the Shop Options tab.

6. Next to the Shipping Confirmation Email, select Yes or No:

  • Yes - Customer receives shipping confirmation email
  • No - Does not receive shipping confirmation emails when manually marked as shipped, or via bulked shipped

7. Click Save

Note: Once you switch the toggle between Yes and No, please wait 5, before you update your order status to ensure the emails are not sent as desired.