Using Google Analytics Flow Visualisation

SportsTG are big supporters of tracking and analysing the engagement you receive within your event forms to ensure you are maximising your entry level

We would suggest all clients create a Google Analytics account and add the unique ID which is generated to your event forms as highlighted in this article - Adding Tracking/Converson/Remarketing to your Event Forms

Don't have a Google Analytics account? You can learn more and create one here - Measure, learn and grow

Once you have a Google Analytics you have access to a range of fabulous tracking and campaign management feature which can benefit your event marketing activities. One of out favourite features is the ability to create various Visualisation Reports which are highlighted in the table below 

By utilising functionalities contained in their 'Goal Flow' visualisation, you can monitor the activity within your event forms and monitor things like bounce rates, level of uncompleted forms, time it takes to complete a registration etc. 

Above is an example of what a Goal Funnel/Flow looks like once it is created. After you have stipulated topic area (such as 'Entry Types') and the variables you wish to measure (such as specific URLs which are used during the Entry Type selection process), the system will provide various metrics in order to understand the activity within that area

The above example shows us that this event form illustrates that only 54.56% of entrants are moving past the 'Entry Type' selection page and moving into the 'Contact Details' page, which illustrates the 45.44% of entrants are not actually completing their registration

The types of Visualisation Reports offered include the following