Using Master PIN Codes

Event and Entry Type Specific 

Master PIN Codes can be CUSTOMISED and used in ONE singular event, on specific entry types with the setting enabled 

You can limit the amount of times a Master PIN Code can be used, giving you greater restriction on how and where they can be redeemed 

These codes can be DISCOUNT CODES ONLY 

This means you can create a Master Event PIN that could offer anyone who had the code a $20/20% discount, to any event and any entry type you have created

Step 1. Create a Master PIN Code by clicking on EVENTS > EVENT CONSOLE > PIN MANAGEMENT > PIN MASTERS > ACTIONS > ADD

When creating your PIN please fill the fields out as described below 

PIN Code: a unique system generated PIN will already be created for you. You can either use this unique PIN or create your own PIN. The PIN can be made up of letters (both lowercase and uppercase), numbers or both as demonstrated with the system created PIN

Title: this could be the name of the business you are giving the code to, the name of an individual who won it as a prize or simply something like 'Employees' to let you know who the code was created for 

Expiry Date: select a date when you want the PIN to expire (ie it will no longer work)

Discount Value and Method: select the dollar or percentage discount you would like to offer

Units: this area relates to how many times you would like the PIN to be available for use (ie how many times would you like it used). Master Pins can be used multiple times, therefore we suggest you add a number in this area to restrict how many times the code can be redeemed 

Once created, your codes will be listed in the PIN Master Listing. In order for your Master PIN Codes to work on your event form, you need to ensure their "Status" is set to 'Active". You can manually change any status of a code to 'Inactive" should you no longer want this PIN to be available for redemption

In the PIN Master Listing, you can also see how many codes have been redeemed and how many are still available 

Step 2. Enable the ability for Master PIN Codes to be used on your Entry Types by the below steps

Open the Entry Types you would like the Master PINS to be available on

Click Edit > Other

Under PIN OPTION click 'Master" then Save

If you do not 'turn on' the ability for Master PIN Codes to be applied on the entry types you want, they will not be able to be successfully redeemed on them. If you enable an entry type to have a Master PIN Code applied, any Master Pin can be used 

Please Note - All PIN codes are applied to your identified entry fee only, they will not apply to the additional application of a processing fee should you include this option 

Also Note - Your entry types will need to be in an Entry Category in order for your entrants to enter the PIN Code