Using the Charity Integration (Front End)

Once you have added a charity into the console, the integration will automatically appear on your front-end event registrations form. This integration will insert itself after the 'Questions' section

Please Note - if you have 'Merchandise' available and turned on in your event form, then the fundraising integration will appear after that instead 

  1. The first step the entrant will complete is to answer the question "Do you want to set up your fundraising page now?". If they select 'no' all of the information in this window will collapse and they can bypass the fundraising stage (ie not create a fundraising page)
  2. If they do want to fundraise, then the entrant needs to select 'yes' and then answer the question "Do you have a Just Giving/ Virgin Money Giving account?". 
  • If they do have an account, the form will automatically adjust and remove and fields that are not required because the entrant already has an account. Form here, the entrant simply needs to enter their Just Giving/Virgin Money Giving email address (it can be different to the email they are entering the event with, this will not update their event form)

  • The Page Title will be automatically populated from what you created when you originally set-up the charity in the console. The entrant can also edit this if they wish (however they shouldn't need to)
  • The entrant will then also need to select the Charity you have set-up (by selecting the box underneath the logo and click 'Next'. 

Please Note - if using Virgin Money Giving as the charity provider, the entrant will be automatically directed to an external Virgin Money Giving site to login to their account. Once they complete all of the on-screen prompts, they will automatically be brought back to the event form to complete as normal 

  1. Once the entrant has completed the fundraising page and logged into their account, a confirmation message will appear on screen notifying the entrant that their fundraising page has been successfully created

The entrant will receive direct email confirmation from Just Giving/Virgin Money Giving once the page has been created which will also include their direct URL for their individual fundraising page