Using Unique/Individual PIN Codes

Event and Entry Type Specific

Unique/Individual PIN Codes are created by the system and used in ONE singular event, on specific entry types with the setting enabled. This gives you greater restriction on where they can be redeemed and how many can be used 

These codes can be DISCOUNT CODES and ACCESS CODES

This means the system can create a number of Unique PIN Codes that could offer anyone who has a code a $20/20% discount on ONE event and on entry types which have this option enabled 

Alternatively, you can create entry types which can only be access with a particular ACCESS CODE. Therefore the entry type can only be purchase by someone with this type of code. Anyone who attempts to purchase it with the code, will simply be unable to select it 

Step 1: Start by enabling Unique PIN Codes to be redeemed on the applicable entry types by clicking on EVENTS > SELECT YOUR EVENT > ENTRY TYPES > TYPES > OPEN ENTRY TYPE > EDIT > OTHER

The fields required include: 

PIN Option: please select INDIVIDUAL 

Type: Select whether you want an INDIVIDUAL DISCOUNT or INDIVIDUAL ACCESS code applied to the entry type. You can only apply ONE

Step 2: create your PIN Managers by clicking on EVENTS > SELECT YOUR EVENT > PIN MANAGEMENT > PIN MANAGER > ACTIONS > ADD

The fields required include:

Title: this needs to be the Manager Identifier (ie John Smith, ANZ Bank, Internal Manager etc). These identifiers appear in a drop-down list you need to select from later on, so make sure it is something you recognise 

First and Last Name: this can be an individual if you're awarding it to someone as a prize or promotion. It can be a business name if you are giving it to a sponsor or event partner

Email Address: required in order to send the PIN Managers login details to access their PIN Portal. The Manager will receive an automated email with the details you enter below, plus the URL link to access their individual PIN Portal 

Username and Password: these details are used to login to a PIN Manager Portal where the Manager can view/assign the PINS they own. You can either customise these details or leave them with the auto-populated details the system has generated

Expiry Date: select a date when you want the PIN to expire (ie it will no longer work)

Portal Access: if set to yes, the PIN Manager will be able to login to their own online PIN Portal. If set to no, the PIN Manager will not have access to this resource to manage their PINS

Step 3: Unique PIN Codes need to be created in PIN Sets. To create a PIN Set click on PIN MANAGEMENT > PIN SETS > ACTIONS > ADD

The fields required include:

Title: this is where you enter a name of who the PINS belong to or are administered by. For example, you can title the PIN Set 'ANZ Sponsorship PINS' to let you know the PINS have been given to ANZ. Alternatively, you could title the PIN Set 'Employee PINS' to let you know the PINS have been given to employees

PIN Manager: select the person who is managing or administering the PINS. Whilst this is not required, we suggest you select a person so you know who to contact should something happen with a PIN or entry attempted with one. If you fo not select a PIN Manager from the list, the PINS cannot be viewed/edited in the PIN Portal either 

Entry Type: select the entry type you would like the PINS available to be redeemed on. This setting must be enabled on the entry type BEFORE you can create the relevant PIN Codes

Expiry Date: select a date when you want the PIN to expire (ie it will no longer work)

Type: this area will be pre-determined by the entry type. If you set up the entry type to have Unique ACCESS PIN Codes enabled, then the 'type' will automatically become ACCESS after you select the entry type from the drop-down menu. The same will occur if you have enabled Unique DISCOUNT PIN Codes on the entry type. 

Prefix: this area is used as an identifier. It can be the letters of your event (ie RTTB for Run to the Beat), or the letters or a sponsor (ie ANZ for Australia National Bank)

Allocation: this area relates to how many Unique PIN Codes you would like created. Once you create a PIN Set, you are unable to add more to the individual Set later on. However you can always create a secondary PIN Set with more Unique PIN Codes if required

The PIN Sets you create can be viewed in the PIN Set Listing. Here, you can see how many PIN Sets are currently available in your event, how many PINS have been created in each Set, when the PINS will expire in each Set, and the ability to remove a Set if no longer required

Please Note - If you delete a PIN Set, you will see an option to remove all of the individual PINS associated with that Set. We strongly suggest you remove the individual PINS if removing a PIN Set, otherwise the individual PINS will remain in the system and will need to be removed one-by-one instead

Please Note - please ensure you only attach ONE PINE SET PER MANAGER. If you want the same person to manage a secondary PIN Set, please create a second PIN Manager record for them with an identifier such as #2 in the title. This help protect the management of the PIN Set and avoids complications that can be caused if you assign more than one PIN Set to a Manager