Using your Pin List

The Pin List is where you can view all PINS that have been created from a PIN Set. The Pin List is often used to manage individual PINS. This can only be accessed by event administrators and can be used to ensure that any PINS that have been allocated are not being misused 

In the Pin Listing you are able to see all of the below 

Name: Name of the person that the PIN has been allocated to. If the PIN has not been allocated you will see the name as Unallocated

Email: This is the email address of the person allocated to the PIN

Type: Is the Entry Type that the PIN has been allocated to 

PIN: Is the exact PIN Code allocated to that person

Expiry Date: Is the date that the PIN will no longer be valid on 

Activated: Is whether the Pin has been used or not 

Each of the individual Pins can be edited from the PIN Listing, the areas that can be edited are the Entry Type, the name that the pin has been allocated to, the email address of the allocated individual, the PIN Code itself and the expiry date of the PIN. To Edit a Pin please select Actions > Edit next to the relevant PIN Code

You are also able to email a PIN Holder by selecting Actions > Email. You are able to customise your own email to the individual through the pop up window 

You are also able to delete a PIN that you do not want people to be able to use anymore. This is done by selecting Actions on the PIN that you would like to delete and selection Delete from the menu