Viewing all of your Event Settlements

To reconcile the deposits made into your account by SportsTG that include Events in the descriptor you can view your events settlements. 

These settlements are the amounts from each event that have contributed to your overall deposit for the week. 

For each settlement period there will be different date listed at the top of the page. You can use this drop down to see the settlement reports for different periods 

The page is split into different columns which will give you a brief summary of the settlement 

The Event Title is listed so that you can see which events have had settlements within that period 

Payment Count refers to how many payments were made in each event for the settlement period 

Amount is the amount of money that has been transacted for that event in the time frame

Charge is the amount of the incoming money that contributes to the SportsTG Gateway fees

Refund Count is the total amount of refunds that were processed for that event in the settlement period

Refunds is the amount of money that has been refunded from each event

Total is the amount from each event that has been settled into your account 

You can view the specific breakdown of payments for each event by selecting the Actions button next to the relevant event and choosing to view or export both the settlements or the refunds.