Why Are My Entry Types Not Appearing

When your entry types do not appear available for selection on the form there could be several things missing 

The first thing to check is the message that is appearing as this will tell you where changes need to be made 

Scenario 1 - Your event is now closed 

If your Event is now closed this is due to the Online Registration Cutoff 

To change this go to your event controls and select Event Options > Basic Information > Edit 

You need to change the Online Registration Cutoff date and time to something in the future. This will open the form again 

It can also be caused by the event being in having an Offline Status 

This can be changed by going to your Events Listing page and selecting the Offline button next to the event itself. This will change the status so that it turns Online which opens it for registrations 

Scenario 2 - There are currently no Entry Types available

For this we need to check several things 

1. Check the Entry Categories. If the Display Status is a cross rather than a tick select the cross and this will activate the display of the Category

2. Check the Entry Types for several different things

Again the Display Status should be a tick rather than a cross. If the cross is displaying select the cross to change the status to active 

Look at the Expiry Time of the Entry Type. If this date has passed your entry type will not display even if the display status is set to active. 

The other thing that may stop your entry type from displaying is the start date of the pricing 

This can be found within the entry type itself and also needs to be changed in this area as seen below 

Scenario 3 - This Entry Types has reached capacity 

This message is specific to when the Entry Type Capacity is met. You can set a capacity per entry type by going into the Entry Type and under the General tab setting an entrant limit

The entry type itself will display whoever you will be able to see this message on the screen 

Another thing to remember with the Entrant limits that a limit of Zero is actually unlimited entry rather than 0 people can select this Entry Type 

Scenario 4 - No message on screen and no Register Here button 

You can also set an Entrant Limit for the overall event rather than the individual Entry Types 

This can be found in the Event Options under Basic Information. From here we go to the Other tab and we can see that there is an Entrant Limit that we can set 

Similar to the Entry Types setting an Entrant Limit of 0 means that the limit does not exist and unlimited Entrants can sign up for the event