Themes are used by the different modules to determine the colours that will make up your front-end for that module. This allows you to have different colour schemes for different modules. Using Themes allows your organisation to ensure that all your front-end portals are in line with your organisation's branding policy.


1. Within the OST Console, select UTILITIES from the top menu, then THEMES from the left menu.

2. Here you can already see two standard options Blue and Silver or Simple Grey

3. You can also design your own theme by selecting ACTIONS and ADD

5. Give the theme a title, choose the font type from the drop down list and select a theme type. Then click the STANDARD or SHOP tab to start editing your colours.

Use the image below as a guide to which labels refer to which section on the front end form.


The Container refers to the larger area which will contain all of your information. This will spread all the way from your header to your footer. If you do have an image as your background and you wish to have this visible whenever possible leave the container field blank and the image will be visible.

The Navigation is your main menu. Most of your drop down menus will be seen on this bar and Navigation Active refers to the colour that portion of the bar will be when that page is open. Navigation Hover refers to when the user is hovering over that area.

The Overview can be seen when selecting an event or subscription. It tells you what step in the process you are up to. In the image above you can see that the sections in the Overview can be set to different colours to allow your users to know which part in the process they are up to.

If you wish any field to be transparent leave that section clear of any colour code

6. Once done, click SAVE. You can then check your colour scheme by refreshing your DesqSuite portal.

 Please Note: If the section does not have six characters then it will not be read properly. All colour codes MUST consist of six characters