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Help during the Return to Sport

We remain committed to supporting our customers & partners during this uncertain period we are facing. Feel free to contact us for further information or to answer any of your questions.

AU: 1300 139 970

NZ: 0800 808 202

UK: +44 161 470 0736

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Click here to find additional information and resources related to our support through COVID-19

Click here to find additional information and resources related to the Return to Sport

Changes to Refunds

Where is the refund button?

To assist our clubs and associations at this busy time, we're introducing an additional support element to simplify how sports administrators can ensure that their settlement account has adequate funds before a refund is issued. 

- Membership organisations will be unaffected since regular inflows mean organisation funds are available to cover the issuing of refunds.

- Some organisations may choose to slow down the process of settling funds to their organisation, to leave in place funds available for issuing of refunds.

- Event organisers will need to submit their refund requests via our support centre so we can ensure the necessary funds are available for a refund to be processed

Why this change?

We are unable to issue refunds from an organisations account with a zero balance. In the past, this meant messy and costly invoicing and the risk of penalty fees. This new process will ensure admins are not troubled by additional administration and will see the immediate impact of their refund activities and policies.

We have suspended the refund button for this change to take effect.

We are encouraging administrators to adopt a weekly or fortnightly refund cycle, and in the interim, batch refunds can be processed by contacting support@mygameday.app, where the availability of settlement funds will also be managed.

Please attach the details of members or entrants needing a refund to your support request.

For help with exporting a list of members that require a refund, please see 

Classic - https://help.sportstg.com/help/bulk-refund-process-classic-members

OST - https://help.sportstg.com/help/administration-bulk-refund-process-ost-members

For help with exporting a list of event entrants that require a refund, please see 

Classic - https://help.sportstg.com/help/administration-bulk-refund-process-classic-events

OST - https://help.sportstg.com/help/bulk-refund-process-ost-events

 If you need any assistance with this, please contact our support team and we will be happy to assist. This is required to ensure we process the right refunds. All refunds must be returned to the customer's original payment method.

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Support Process

All of your support requests for all of our customers (national offices, states, associations and clubs) are handled through Support, our expert multi-tiered support and customer success team. The Support team has access to a range of information and help-tools, as well as direct access to the Sports Specialists and Product and Tech Experts across our whole 50+ person team.

You can log a request online 24 hours a day, or speak to one of our experts in person between 8am and 7pm on weekdays, and 12pm and 7pm on weekends. You can also leave a voice message overnight which will be picked up as soon as the team recommences in the morning.

You should contact Support for every request:

- New feature/product enhancement requests

- Training requests

- Reporting of system errors

- Customer feedback

- Privacy queries (our privacy@ line also comes into Support).

- Sales and new product requests, which can be directed to sales@mygameday.app

While we do sometimes experience busy periods at key times, the vast majority of request to Support are attended to within 8 business hours of your request. Following up on any urgent or outstanding item is simple.

Contacting Support is the quickest and best way to access the assistance you need to resolve any problem, from the most critical, to the most general. And unlike contacting one individual - who might be out that day - contacting Support gives you direct access to all of our dedicated resources and a whole team of people and materials who are standing by to help. (Requests sent to individual team members emails or phones, once discovered, are rerouted to Support in any case, so to avoid those delays or items being overlooked, please always direct your request only to Support, where it can receive the complete attention and priority of our whole Support team.)