Adding a News Story

This article relates to SitePro


1. Go to the News page on your website

2. Click on Add Article (it has a green plus icon next to it)

3. Title is a mandatory field - Subtitle is optional

4. Click on SEO Settings to add an optional Description and Keywords that will help search engines to index your page - the description can be a sentence on what the page is about and the keywords are up to fifteen search terms separated by commas

5. Select News as the category to send your article to your news page

6. The Summary field is used for entering a brief summary of the article that will display on the news page listing - general practice is to copy the first couple of sentences from the main article

7. Type the Main Article into the rich text editor box - instead of a written article you can also choose from a link to a page, a file, an external link, or no article.

8. To add images, click on the green Add Gallery button, click Select Images to choose files from your computer and then Start Upload 

9. Click Set As Main Article Image next to the picture that you would like to select as the thumbnail, slider image (if applicable) and main image at the top of the article - all other images will display in a gallery at the bottom of the article

10. The Documents and Links sections allow you to create specific areas 

10. Tick Featured Article if you would like the story to appear on the homepage news slider

11. Setting a Publish Date allows the article to be back-dated or scheduled for the future - the Expiry Date can also be edited if desired

12. Select whether you would like to save as a Draft Article or Publish Article and click the red Save Article button to finish