Additional Payment Options

GameDay Classic now offers Participants, Organisations and Event organisers more payment options than ever before. In addition to our current payment options; participants will now also be able to pay conveniently with Apple Pay and Google Pay via all supported currencies.

To complement these new payment options, participants & members registering and paying online will also be able to vault (save) their preferred PayPal account or credit/debit card for future use. We have also introduced additional card verification for fraud protection along with enhancing the checkout experience when selecting PayPal as a payment method.

All these enhancements will automatically be enabled for every organisation at no additional cost.

This now means  participants and members will have greater flexibility in how they choose to pay via Classic Membership which will now offer PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card and now Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Click here for a more detailed FAQ document about these new payment options.

After registering, I have had a member say that a $1 transaction come out of their account and they are unsure what it is for?

Our payment gateway sometimes takes out a $1 amount from a members bank account as a way of verifying the payment method used to pay for registrations. Without context, this can cause registrants to query the charge and think that they are being scammed when they are not- this is a normal process between payment gateways and banks and the $1 fee will be returned back into the members account within the next 1-2 business days. This will only be a once off occurance as it is usually done only when using a specific payment method for the very first time.