Allocating PINs from a PIN Set to an entrant

We would suggest urging your PIN Managers to allocate their PINS to relevant individuals. They can then attach the individuals First Name, Last Name and Email Address to the PIN code

This information is then also transferred into your event console so that you can view the allocated PIN Codes and ensure they are being used appropriately 

To assign PINS to individuals please follow the below steps 

1. Create the upload file which highlight the people being assigned PIN Codes.

To download the upload template, click UPLOAD and download the excel template. Once the PIN Manager has entered the relevant details of the individuals they are allocating PIN Codes to, they can simply upload this file. Once uploaded, the system will auto-populate the relevant columns inside the PIN Portal

2. The PIN Manager should now email the individuals so that they become aware of the PIN Code they have been allocated 

To email these individuals, please click the EMAIL button. The email template will auto-populate with relevant information about the person's First Name, Last Name and unique PIN Code. You can add whatever information you like in this email 

Then click SEND EMAIL 

3. Email recipients will then click the link contained in the email template and register for the event with their unique PIN Code. Once the PIN Code has been used, their name and code will move under the 'Activated' tab in the PIN Portal 

Inside the console, the individual PIN Code will also display an 'activated' status and turn the entrant's name into a hyper-link. This will give any event Administrator the ability to click on the entrant and go directly to their entry record