Adding Results via Results Upload

Results can be uploaded into the database from a CSV results file, they will then display and can be matched and approved in order to be published onto the Results Portal.  

Quick Steps: Events > Results Manager > Results > Actions > Add

1. Click on the Events module on the top menu

2. Click on Results Manager on the left menu > Results

3. Click Actions on top right menu > Add

4. Type in a Report Title, Report Date (this is the date of the meet/event), select the particular meet by using the Select Meet drop down list (this will drop down a list of any manually created Meets and Events events), and the venue of the meet.

5. Upload the result file (note: the file must be in .csv format) by clicking the Choose File icon, selecting the file from your computer, and clicking Save

6. The file has now been uploaded and can be viewed by clicking on Results on the left menu > and clicking Actions > View against the relevant Report. Navigate to the Results Tab to view the list of individual entrants contained within the report.